The Value Of Landscaping: Professional Morgantown landscapers can lay out and install beautiful landscapes that can not only improve your homes look but also it’s resale value. Estimates show that a hiring professional landscapers to install landscaping can increase your homes resale value as much as 3 – 10% in some instances. Likewise, a poorly maintained lawn will not only degrade the overall appeal of your homes exterior, but can seriously hinder your efforts when trying to sell your property.

There are several things to consider when it comes to landscaping. Shrubs, grasses, flowers, borders, mulch, irrigation and trees are but a few things you will need to decide upon prior to undertaking any landscape improvement project.


Irrigation Systems: Lawn sprinkler systems are becoming more and more prevalent in landscapes. The use of automatic sprinkler controllers, electric control valves, pop-up spray heads and/or the use of pop-up rotors makes keeping your landscaping or yard maintained in your absence a breeze.

Plus with our need to conserve natural resources, a well maintained automatic irrigation system will not only reduce improperly watered lawns, it prevents the unnecessary waste of one of our most valuable natural resources, “Water”.



Morgantown Landscapers

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